Familiy Therapy Master Series Vol. 3

Thomas: King of Normandy


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Thomas had a long history of psychiatric disorders. He spent half of his life in and out of mental hospitals in different regions in France. After a brief description of the psychiatric history of Thomas, this video depicts the live consultation of Master Therapist, Maurizio Andolfi, with Thomas and his parents in Nantes and the follow-up sessions with the family over several years. Andolfi demonstrates how to unlock a young adult from his role of a psychiatric patient, focusing on his positive assets and relational competence inside the family. In this moving session, Andolfi shows in action how to empower and give hope to distressed parents once the family is considered the best medicine. Thomas’ position as the sick little child that has to be protected is challenged and is transformed as a new opportunity for growth and self- confidence.

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Running time approx: 55 minutes
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Language: French 
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese