The Andolfi Lectures Vol. 1

MFT – Multigenerational Family Therapy


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In this lecture, Prof. Maurizio Andolfi describes his original Multigenerational Family Therapy Model. Influenced by the psychodynamic concepts of the adult’s differentiation of self from family of origin and invisible loyalties, developed by Bowen, Framo and Boszormenyi-Nagy, Andolfi enlarges the frame, exploring the developmental history of the family by listening the voice of children and adolescents, who are engaged in therapy, not because of their presenting problems, but as significant relational bridges in the dialogue or clash between generations. In this lecture is outlined an experiential model of intervention, which reveals the limits of the medical model in dealing with family issues and encourages creativity and humanity as the best way to build an alliance and work with a family in distress. In order to do that, the therapist has to be free from cultural stereotypes and institutional routines, keeping in mind a multigenerational map of the family, a kind of living genogram, where he can access active resources and healing pathways.

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