Membership and Subscription


The Accademia Multimedia Library Card is the subscription reserved to:

  • All the current students of the Accademia in Rome and in all its branches;
  • To the Family Psychotherapists Italian Network regularly subscribed.

The Membership Card gives right for one year to:

  1. Free access to the Library
  2. Free download of all the journal Terapia Familiare articles, since its first edition (June 1977) to 1999 (next years can be bought directly from the publishing house Franco Angeli ( )
  3. Free download of all Maurizio Andolfi’s articles (Italian and other languages) and the Accademia teachers’

Annual Subscription

For external Italian and foreigner professionals, the Accademia Multimedia Library provides for an annual membership allowing the access to services as point 1, 2 and 3.

Subscribers must fill in the form below. The Management reserves the right to accept the subscribers request due to the sensitive video material that can be managed only by professionals in the field. Once the request is accepted, it will be possible to pay the membership annual fee of 100€.

Request annual subscription for external professionals