Accademia Multimedia Library

Accademia Multimedia Library was born inside the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia as a very important specific service to store and work on a huge amount of video material produced and collected by Maurizio Andolfi, some family therapy pioneers and the senior teachers of the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia team in the last 50 years.

The video archive is a very rich historic patrimony used in training activities of the Accademia and more or less it consist in:

  • A collection of videos on the clinical work and theories of different pioneers and relevant international figures of family therapy;
  • Family therapy sessions and clinical consultations led by Maurizio Andolfi all over the world;
  • Personal training sessions and clinical supervisions led by Maurizio Andolfi during intensive courses for foreign therapists;
  • Monothematic courses;
  • Videorecordings of special days, theoretical classes, conferences’ presentations, international workshops, special meetings, evidences, interviews, life stories.

A team of psychologists and psychotherapists leads the Accademia Multimedia Library activities, and besides collecting the material, they make editing in different languages for didactic purposes. Some precious international therapists, besides the Italians, are part of the team and translate texts, respecting privacy. Most part of the video material is confidential and the vision is only allowed to professionals authorized by the Accademia Management.

Viewing is allowed only to the Accademia students and professionals enrolled in the Family Therapist Italian Network by logging into our reserved area. A special subscription is available for external professionals.

La video Collection

Observing a video session is a priceless chance for every professional who wishes to increase his tools and/or therapeutic models. Since 2016 the Accademia Multimedia Library decided to enlarge its activity by realizing an On demand Video Collection available for the community. The collection includes therapy sessions, thematic classes and special documentary and it is made up of a variety of professional audio-visual products realized entirely by Maurizio Andolfi in English and subtitled in different languages.