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Maurizio Andolfi, Anna Mascellani

Intergenerational Couple Therapy



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ISBN 979-12-200-9147-3

A transformational model of couple therapy using a multigenerational lens! The model of couple’s therapy described in this book is based on the idea that is necessary to work on the relational issues of couples in crisis in order to help them to rediscover mutual trust and intimacy.
Following the seminal ideas of Murray Bowen and James Framo on the differentiation of Self, the book illustrates when and how to invite each partner’s family of origin in therapy to re-visit the past and to repair still open wounds.
Andolfi and Mascellani propose that in couple therapy the presence of children as special consultants opens the door to playfulness and creativity and to the search of more authenticity. Even inviting couple’s friends can be a special resource to help the couple to reach a sense of we-ness.

This is the first book published by the new born Accademia Press.

Maurizio Andolfi M.D.
Child Pychiatrist, University Professor (Dpt of Clinical Psychology, Rome) and Master Family Therapist is the Director of the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia of Rome and of the Italian Journal Terapia Familiare. He has been lecturing all over the World, writing many books in several languages, the most recents are Teens Voices (co-author Anna Mascellani) and Multigenerational Family Therapy.

Anna Mascellani Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Professor – Università Pontificia Salesiana of Rome, Master Family Therapist, Deputy Director of the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia and Director of the Accademia Multimedia Library acts in the Board of Directors of the Italian Journal Terapia Familiare. She wrote several books in Italian and co-autored Teen Voices.