Multigenerational individual therapy

The worlds and the losses of Raffaella: a story of migration


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Raffaella is 44 years old, she is an Italian psychologist who emigrated to Australia for three years. Luca is born from her first marriage with Luke of African origins and is now 16 years old. When Luca was two years old Raffaella separates from Luke and subsequently has two children, Riccardo aged 9 and Sebastiano aged 7 with his new partner Antonio who ends up being a father to all three boys.

Raffaella asks Prof. Maurizio Andolfi for individual therapy because she has been feeling sad for some time without wanting to do or meet people; she has very few Australian friends. She often finds herself with tears in her eyes and a knot in her stomach, despite Luca having returned to Australia for a few months after attending middle school in Italy. Now the family is reunited and this is certainly a source of joy and Raffaella does not understand why she feels so prostrate. Before when Luca was not there, she felt that her heart had broken, she cried secretly every day and felt an infinite weight on her chest. But now she does not explain this sadness and for this reason she would like to be helped in therapy.

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