The Andolfi Lectures Vol. 5 • Now Available on DVD


The Andolfi Lectures Vol. 5

Now available on DVD

In this theoretical and clinical lecture, Prof. Maurizio Andolfi describes the application of his Multigenerational Family Therapy Model in working with adolescents at risk. First, the key points to understand adolescent's physical and psychological transformation and to deal with family issues are described. Andolfi shows in action his extraordinary ability to build up a therapeutic alliance with the family through the adolescent's symptoms and to produce unexpected individual and family changes. Violent behaviour, eating disorders and obesity, depression and suicidal attempt are adolescent's presenting problems, which can be transformed into relational resources and the family. If not labelled as the cause, can become "the best medicine".
Extended families, friends and community members can be invited in the session to support families in distress. Video-clips of several family therapies conducted by Maurizio Andolfi in different countries are included in this outstanding lecture.

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