Foreign Activities

Courses for English Speaking Therapists

1. Practicum

At the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia, Maurizio Andolfi provides one-week intensive courses for foreign therapists, working on the so called professional handicaps and illustrating his model of Multigenerational Family Therapy.

The professional handicap and the use of self of the therapist

In contrast to Psychoanalysis, Systemic Therapies have given little attention to the emotional resonance (or counter transference) and the projection of therapists dealing with severely problematic individuals and families. The aim of this Practicum is for the therapist to work on her/his professional handicaps by connecting the present difficulties one might experience when working with families and couples, with one’s own personal growth & critical developmental stages. The inner personal/professional dialogue or blockage of the therapist will be explored with the activation of the group, in order to increase competence and self-confidence in each participant. Genograms, family sculptures and role-plays will be some of the concrete tools used to explore family myths and intergenerational cut-off as well as discovering family resilience and strength. Through personal disclosure, participants will learn how to use themselves more freely in therapy at different levels: cognitive, emotional, & experiential, and how to stay close to the client/s’ pain and despair.

Multi-generational Family Therapy: the Andolfi Method

Multigenerational Family Therapy (MFT) was developing since the 60th through the studies and clinical experience of outstanding pioneers like Borzormenyi-Nagy and James Framo at the Pennsylvania University of Philadelphia, Murray Bowen at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Not least were the contribution of Carl Whitaker at the Madison University and Donald Williamson at the Houston Family Therapy Institute. Andolfi has been very close to all of them and he incorporated in his method the concepts of differentiation of self from family of origin (Bowen), of invisible loyalties (Nagy) and intergenerational couple therapy (Framo). But Andolfi added a new dimension in MFT by including the generation of children in a very active role: the voice of children and adolescents in therapy is a great resource in the intergenerational dialogue and can mobilize new energies in the entire family. By embracing a triadic perspective he moved to a new definition of fatherhood and co-parenting, enlarging the boundary of family system by including friends and community in the therapeutic scenario.

2. Metapracticum

This type of course, similar to the practicum is intended to teachers and therapists who have acquired a proven clinical experience.

3. Externship

Accademia organizes externship programs for foreign therapists able to speak and understand the Italian language and willing to learn about the Accademia model of therapy and supervision. Externs can observe and participate to clinical work with families in different settings (school of psychotherapy, specialised clinical services) and be included and activated in training groups with Italian students during live family supervision and in courses of personal formation.

During the externship it is possible to watch Andolfi’s edited videos of his family therapies and consultations, as well as videos of the pioneers of family therapy and to participate to the scientific conferences and lectures organized by Accademia.
Extern programs are very flexible with a suggested minimum length of 2 weeks, ‘til one month, few months, over one year.

4. Brief visits at the Accademia

Single person or group visit at the Accademia can be scheduled for one day ‘til a week. Foreign colleagues can interact with clinical staff, residents of our school of specialization and watch Andolfi’s family therapies and consultations in video.

5. Multimedia Library 

Foreign therapists with a good knowledge of the Italian language can be included in the Accademia Multimedia Library staff for a certain period and will have the possibility to watch a large number of videos: family therapy sessions, important international conferences presentations by family therapy pioneers, by Maurizio Andolfi and by Accademia teachers.

Currently the Accademia Multimedia Library collaborates with an international group of professionals.

6. Workshops and Courses abroad

Courses abroad

Accademia provides long-term courses and master programs abroad under official agreements with foreign Universities and Family Therapy Institutions, as well as a Diploma in Multigenerational Family Therapy according to Andolfi method. Length and structure of the courses can be defined according to regulations and needs of different countries and institutions.


Andolfi has been conducting hundreds of workshops and seminars in different parts of the world. For inviting him or Accademia senior supervisors to give a workshop/seminar write to Laura Bruno, Assistant to the Direction, at the following @:

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